Striking a Balance: Reflections from the Journey of Life and Leadership

Striking a Balance: Reflections from the Journey of Life and Leadership

April 23, 2024

As I drive into work on a cool, overcast early spring day, my thoughts wander to the concept of balance. The idea of balance—be it work-life balance or professional equilibrium—has long occupied my mind, and today it seems to be at the front of it.

In the early stages of my career, my focus was divided between raising kids, building a business, and nurturing relationships with friends and family. Finding a semblance of balance during those times was nothing short of challenging. The sacrifices made, especially in time spent with loved ones, in pursuit of professional success often led me to question my choices. Looking back, the sacrifices and the relentless grind were integral to my growth, but they left me wondering whether it was all worth it.

As I transition into what might be considered the second half of my career, my perspective on balance has evolved significantly. It's not about whether the sacrifices were right or wrong but about understanding that life's experiences bring about a shift in how we view our priorities. This change is not necessarily for better or worse; it's simply different. My focus has shifted from chasing success to making a real difference. Connecting with family, friends, colleagues, and clients is my main priority.   This change in perspective guides our team to serve and excel, redefining success as we move forward.


The Importance of Perspective

Perspective is everything. It allows us to evaluate what truly matters to us at various stages of our lives. The urgency and importance we attach to our work, family, and personal interests can shift dramatically over time, influenced by our experiences and growth.

At our practice, we strive for balance, acknowledging that it's an ever-evolving goal as we navigate through life's changes. Our aim is to foster a culture that not only recognizes the significance of balance but also understands the importance of perspective in making informed choices and decisions.  We hope to alleviate the emotions from significant decisions that are often best made from a more objective point of view, helping people achieve what is most important to them.

The essence of this reflection on balance is to underscore its importance across all aspects of life--work, leisure, faith, and family. However, it's imperative to approach balance with perspective, understanding that priorities shift and what seems crucial today may become less significant tomorrow.

Our journey towards balance should be guided by a collective effort to care for, inspire, motivate, and support one another. By focusing on these constants, we ensure that our endeavors remain meaningful throughout the various stages of our lives.

Striving for a Life of Significance and Impact

The search for balance is not about mastering it, as true balance in life is difficult to truly achieve. Instead, it's about appreciating the journey, learning from our experiences, and making choices that lead to a fulfilling and impactful life. President Eisenhower, quoting Dr J. Roscoe Miller, president of Northwestern University, said: "I have two kinds of problems: the urgent and the important. The urgent are not important, and the important are never urgent." As we continue to evolve, both personally and professionally, my team and I will focus on the important over the urgent, take a long-term perspective, do what is right as opposed to what is popular, and work hard to achieve a culture of excellence through balance.


Mark J. Modzeleski, CFS, CLTC, AIF

President, Legacy Wealth Advisors of NY