How We Make You Feel: Reflections from Our Visit in Tampa

How We Make You Feel: Reflections from Our Visit in Tampa

May 07, 2024

Last week, I had the distinct pleasure of visiting our broker-dealer partner in Tampa, Florida. This visit was not just a routine check-in but proved to be a reflection on a pivotal decision made over two and a half years ago when we decided to change our back-office partners. The goal was straightforward but critical: to enhance ease of business and secure a partner who values our independence and compliance as much as we value our clients.

During a collaborative session with other advisors from around the country, we were asked a seemingly simple question that resonates deeply with our philosophy at Legacy Wealth Advisors: "How do clients feel when they meet with you?" This question isn't just about first impressions, or the quality of advice provided, it's about the emotional journey we guide our clients through.

Our aim is that every client leaves our meetings feeling more confident about their financial future. This emotional response is the cornerstone of our practice; it signifies a deeper commitment, mirroring the care we would extend to our own families.

One of the facilitators emphasized the importance of feeling 'safe'. Safety isn’t just physical—it’s about creating an environment where clients know they are supported, their interests are prioritized, and their financial well-being is in competent hands. As I reflect on this, I am reminded of our responsibility not just as advisors, but as caretakers of our clients' trust and security.

Reflecting on the growth of our practice, which has expanded primarily through organic growth and client referrals, it's clear that these beliefs resonate. Our clients feel looked after, they appreciate our dedication, and they trust us to make the best decisions on their behalf, just as we would for our loved ones.

The culture we cultivate at Legacy Wealth Advisors goes beyond transactions and numbers. It is about making people feel valued, secure, and confident. This approach has not only defined our success but has deepened the trust that forms the very foundation of our client relationships.

As we continue to evolve and grow, our focus remains steadfast on nurturing a culture where clients come first, feeling both secure and valued. It’s about more than just financial planning; it’s about fostering lasting relationships built on trust and mutual respect.

It was a productive, albeit quick trip to Tampa. I am excited and blessed to be aligned with a larger team of people with similar values. I believe our practice is better for it and therefore our clients are best served.  I will continue to drive growth through education and expertise with a keen eye on how we make people feel. 


Mark J. Modzeleski, CFS, CLTC, AIF  

President, Legacy Wealth Advisors of NY