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Give, Get, Guide

Give, Get, Guide

| August 08, 2022
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It's hot! August in Bethany Beach Delaware.  Our family has vacationed in an around Bethany for literally decades, and this week we are back.  Often during these trips I'm left sitting at a pool or beach, walking or biking trying not to melt.  I spend significant time reflecting on what has happened since the last time I was here, doing much of the same.  The last six months, in particular, has provided a bit of a head wind but a good stretch for us nonetheless.  The recent market fluctuation has been difficult because of the stress it inevitably brings to our clients. 

In Addition, we had a long time staff person retire and another staff person move on to other opportunities. For our small team, changes like these upset the apple card a bit.  However we have done, what I think of anyway,  a great job keeping up, growing and planning for the future.  We are constantly trying to walk the fine line of operational excellence, business rhythm and sustainable growth. All why trying to focus on what matters.  We are also excited to welcome two new team members!!!

While we take seriously our roles as advisors and fiduciaries we try to balance family, fun and impact.  I started to think through three words I picked up at a recent board meeting.  Give, Get and Guide.  These words have some balance to me and I wanted to share my thoughts briefly.


When we thinking of giving many think of money and gifts, which certainly can be worthwhile, especially if we give with thoughtful intentions and without the expectation of something in return.  I think it's also important we think about giving of ourselves and our time to those who depend on us.  Giving is a most rewarding endeavor.  Giving is powerful for the receiver and the giver and sets positive behavior that promotes health, happiness and joy.


It's hard to be thankful sometimes when we are given something.  Two things to think about.  One is sometimes the giver gets more than the receiver so understanding how to receive maybe more important than we think.  Two, is it is humbling to receive and helps us close positive loops in our worlds.  Positive loops that lead towards structured behavior, and happier more productive work and life balance.  Many people are fulfilled through being productive and impactful.  They feel better about themselves when they are doing what they perceive as good accomplished worthwhile work.


Our ability to listen, guide and provide confidence, is very important.  Several times a quarter people tell me "Mark, I trust you."  Powerful words!  Words I don’t take lightly.  I feel like we all have some responsibility in the development, betterment and care of others. Fundamentally this is through the ability to provide advice, withhold words when appropriate and offer positive thoughts at the correct time.

While the cool breeze and the setting sun signal the beginning of the end of the day, I think that if I, we can give these three words a little attention, we'd all be better for it.  Give, Get, Guide

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