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Adapting to Change

Adapting to Change

| October 01, 2020
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I recently read an article about working moms using an analogy of comparing life to juggling balls. They represent family, work and health. Some of those balls are made of rubber and some of glass. The article spoke about how we juggle all those important things daily and the fact is we will eventually drop a ball. If we are prioritizing and not dropping the important “glass balls” the rubber ones will, in fact bounce back.

Like me, many working adults have been juggling a lot since the COVID-19 crisis started. I am a Mom of a 5 year old and a 15-month-old. As you can imagine, my husband and I both working from home, taking care of two children was a lot to juggle. In the beginning it seemed impossible to manage all at once. There would be days it worked so well, I thought I could do this for a while and other days both kids needed us more than the day before; work was piling up and the calls seemed endless.

With all the juggling came adapting. Adapting to a new way of life and work at the same time. Mostly due to not having a choice. I had no choice but to find a way and a will to make it all work. It wasn’t perfect, but each day we did it. Each day it got easier. Each day we prioritized what was most important that day. Some days it was work, some days it was family and some it was our health.

I believe most of us could agree we've had to bend and drop a few balls this year. I've come to believe that the difference between going to bed feeling content or disappointed at the end of the day has a lot to do with the expectations we set for ourselves. I had to stop believing I could do it all because the reality of it was, I couldn't. That was hard for me, I'm a perfectionist who holds myself personally and professionally to very high standards.

I had to self-reflect and adapt to juggling new priorities. By staying optimistic, over communicating, diving into new changes and embracing what I could control to keep my head above water. I had to drop a few balls, but they bounced back and slowly this new way of life and work is becoming whole again. Not the same as before but evolving.

When we get to look back and reflect on what the year 2020 brought all of us, I hope we can be gentle to ourselves and others. We’ve all been doing a lot of juggling. My circus may not look like yours, but we can all be empathetic that 2020 forced us all to freeze, reflect and adapt. And it was not easy.

"The key to success is often the ability to adapt"

Provided by Nicole Cizenski, Practice Manager, Legacy Wealth Advisors of NY

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